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My computer is acting weird or running slow as of late, why?

Sadly more and more spyware and virus is rampant throughout the internet.  Make sure you have a good antivirus program installed, up to date, and making regular automated scans.  You will more than likely pay in the range of $25-$40 per year per computer for this protection.  A good fast antivirus is Webroot ( You can even buy a mutli-computer discount for home use.

If you suspect your computer already has something weird happening (change in home page on browser, new icons you didn't install, general slowness starting computer and browsing the web) try downloading Malwarebytes from (  They have a free trial that does an excellent job detecting and cleaning much of the junk that get on your machine.

My wireless signal isn't very good in certain areas of my home or business?

Much of wireless signal strength depends on construction and obstacles the signal has to negotiate.  Often older consumer grade wireless routers do not provide the signal strength and throughput that better newer equipment can provide.  We can help you best determine a cost effective way to get better wireless bang for your buck!

Not a FAQ but please make sure you are regularly backing up data.

A frequent avoidable emergency is "I lost a file" or "I can't find a file."  With both Windows and Mac, you can easily create backups regularly with a simple inexpensive external hard drive.  Both Operating Systems have almost set it and forget it options.  Do this!  Windows also incorporates File History which keeps multiple versions of a file in case of loss or a problem with the file but you need to make sure it's functional from time to time before you need it.